Partnership Q&A

Why give a gift? 


When you give a gift that has the ability to say something to the receiver, they will understand and appreciate your message and it will take on an extra special meaning.  

Giving your families the gift of a Woven Remembrance throw is much more than just a nice gesture, it is something truly special, unique and highly emotional that your families will love and cherish.  

It is also an opportunity to communicate a message; the message that you understand what made their loved one unique.   

 What is the turn around for delivery?

Throws can be ordered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. fedex-2.png Orders that are placed by 3pm CST are available for next day, 2 day or ground delivery, including Saturday delivery.

For more information on shipping and delivery of throws, please see "Shipping & Delivery" policy.

 How do I become a Partner?

Contact Kathy Brown at 817-717-6867 or to find out if your firm is eligible for a partnership. 

If your firm is eligible, you will have exclusive rights to represent Woven Remembrance in your market area. 

We will then set up a discovery call to make sure that our program is the right fit for your firm.

Can I get a proof of my order?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide proofs. While we would love to be able to do this, here’s why we can’t:

  • Time constraints. Funeral directors understand better than anyone how difficult it is to pull together a million details in a limited amount of time to create the best memorial possible for the loved ones of the families they serve. Our team has only hours to create the best design possible for our Partners. This would not be overly difficult to achieve if we only created a few per day, but our incredible team creates stunning designs for an average of 50-60 funerals per day! This doesn’t give us much wiggle room to get orders out in time.
    When we tried offering proofs in the past, we would send an email with the design for approval and wait…. and wait. The problem is, that no matter how well intentioned our partners are about getting right back to us, they cannot control when a family calls or comes by, or the snafu with the arrangement paperwork they are dealing with, or any other of the million details the are juggling in order to pull the service together on time. So, they rarely get back to us in time for us to get the order to production and get it shipped before FedEx comes by for their last pick up.

  • People will seldom agree 100% on how to design/layout a throw. Given that art is subjective, everyone has a unique perspective about what “looks good.” We can spend hours discussing with a partner the placement and positioning of photos within a design, or the shade of blue that looks best, but the bottom line is that 99.9% of the time a family who receives one of these amazing throws doesn’t care about those things. They are simply amazed at the fact that you cared enough about them to create something like this for their loved one. (Refer to section one: The art of giving a gift.
  • Our award-winning artists are experts at what they do! After creating thousands of throws for the families our partners serve, you can trust us to do a beautiful job.
  • Too many cooks spoil the stew.  Remember, this is a GIFT from your firm to the families you serve. It is supposed to be a surprise. Even after you become known for these amazing gifts, the family should never be a part of the design process. It only complicates your job, the process and our ability to deliver the throws in a timely fashion.